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Blue Water Briefing is a comprehensive briefing that describes the current hydro-meteorological situation, existing vulnerabilities and potential threats. Blue Water Briefiegs are conducted by John Feldt, founder of Blue Water Outlook. Blue Water Briefings fall into two categories: Water Resources Briefings and Hazard Briefings.

John Feldt has provided briefings to hundreds of organizations over the years, including emergency management agencies, disaster responders, reservoir managers, and many others. If you have a business that is impacted in some way by water — either too much or not enough — consider scheduling a Blue Water Briefing.

For a limited time, and from qualified groups, Blue Water Outlook will provide a complimentary briefing.

Hazard Briefings

Blue Water Outlook Hazard Briefings are conducted during times of hazardous weather, such as inland-moving hurricanes or floods. These briefings can be targeted towards your organization’s critical infrastructure or assets.



Water Resources Briefing

Blue Water Outlook Water Resources Briefings are comprehensive briefings that describes the current hydro-meteorological situation, existing vulnerabilities and threats, plus an outlook for water resources for the next week, month, or year.

John can design a Water Resources Briefing for the unique interests of your group. Briefings can be conducted via a multi-media presentation, live web meeting, or in-person. A sample of a typical water resources briefing can be found here.


Groups That Would Benefit From A Blue Water Outlook Water Resources Briefing

  • Hydro-Power Managers
  • Muncipal Water Operators
  • Storm Water Managers
  • Agricultural Concerns
  • Lawn Care Professionals
  • Recreational Interests
  • Natural Resources Managers
  • Weather and Water Communication Professionals
  • Emergency Management Officials
  • Disaster Responders

If your group is interested in scheduling a briefing, please email