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Blue Water Outlook partners with AMEC to Enhance Flood Preparedness and Resiliency for Flood-Prone Communities

Blue Water Outlook (BWO) is pleased to announce a partnership with AMEC that will help communities across the nation better prepare for, and respond to, devastating floods.

“Understanding the entire process – from when and how much rain will fall, to where the water will go – is vital in communicating the flood threat” according to John Feldt, president of Blue Water Outlook.

Mapping where the water will go, and who might be flooded, often involves complex engineering issues.  AMEC is a global leader in utilizing advanced technology with practical experience of engineers and scientists.

A sample of services that AMEC/BWO can provide includes:

  • An evaluation of existing community resiliency
  • Training of key community staff in recognizing and understanding the flood threat
  • Development of inundation mapping
  • Community meetings that inform and train citizens on how to recognize a developing flood threat
  • Development of flood warning systems
  • Tabletop exercise for key operational staff
  • Establishment of an operational flood component in EOC operations


Brad Heilwagen is an Engineer and Project Manager with the Water Resources Unit at AMEC Environment and Infrastructure, Inc.  He specializes in projects involving flood probability formulation, flood risk assessment, flood prediction and warning, river and reservoir inflow forecasting, and Flood Insurance Rate Mapo Production.

John Feldt is the founder of Blue Water Outlook.  He has over three decades of professional hydrometeorological experience in forecasting, warning, and preparing communities for floods.