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Drought Persists

A prolonged period of dry weather can be expected through much of the remainder of the month for much of the nation. Significant  precipitation is not expected over much of the western U.S., as well as the Southeast U.S. into the Ohio Valley.

Pacific Northwest (PNW)

A sustained on-shore flow of Pacific moisture will result in a period of heavy precipitation over the PNW. The threat for heavy precipitation and possible flooding will extend from this weekend into the middle of next week. Over 5 inches of rain can be expected along the immediate west coast through early next week.

Note for Texas

Almost all of Texas has been unusually dry for months. Little, if any, rain has been observed so far in November. There are some early signs of an increase in the chances for rain the middle of next week. An area of high pressure over the eastern U.S. will transport Gulf moisture into the state, resulting in increasing chances for rain over central and east Texas. However, it is too early to say with high confidence if this trend will actually occur. Updates on Texas, either later this week, or within the Weekly Water Outlook, will describe this possible change in more detail.