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1 or 2 inches of rain fell over most of Mississippi, Northwest Alabama, Western Tennessee, and parts of Georgia the past day or two. The following image shows the heaviest axis of rainfall in yellow – where 2.5 to 3.5 inches of rain was estimated.

Within the axis of heaviest rain in Mississippi, scattered minor flooding is possible, especially along the Tombigbee River. Elsewhere, only scattered flooding is expected.

Recent rain and snow has also produced more significant flooding over parts of the Midwest, including tributaries into the Mississippi River.


In fact, for most of the SE US, this rainfall represented a welcome water recharge event. Significant runoff thresholds were near or above 3 inches, so much of this rain (depending on rate of occurance) tended to soak into upper soils with reduced runoff into streams.

Note: River forecasts will be updated by the NWS later this morning and there could be some changes.