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From time to time I will issue a “Trend Alert.” These are times when I see a notable change in the weather that could bring a period of usually wet or dry weather. The intent is to provide a “heads-up” for planning purposes. Typically, I will include these in my Weekly Water Outlooks,  however, depending on the timing of the trend change, I will also occasionally pass them along during a midweek update.

Trend Alert – Pacific Northwest (PNW) / Enhanced Rainfall

As I mentioned in my weekly outlook and October newsletter, I expected the jet stream to become more active over the PNW during the month. It looks like there will be a period of enhanced jet stream energy pushing on-shore starting this weekend.  This period of enhanced precipitation will begin this weekend and continue into next week.

Trend Alert – Great Lakes Region / Enhanced Rainfall

An active jet stream, along with the development of surface low pressure, will result in a period of enhanced precipitation over the Great Lakes into western sections of New England starting this weekend and continuing into next week.

Currently, I have kept the Alert Level at “1” as any water resources impacts should generally be limited. Rainfall in the 2- to 4-inch range can be expected within both of these regions.


(Note: BWO provides general insight and advisory information and not watch or warning services. See official NWS information for specific watches, advisories, warnings, or impact information.)