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It is an active hydro-meteorological week with areas of heavy snow, heavy rain, storms, and flooding.

Heavy Snow – OK/TX

A band of 6- to 12-inch snow is forecast from the Texas Panhandle into western Oklahoma.




Heavy Rain / Flooding SE US

The Southeast U.S. in the midst of a multi-day rainfall event. Heavy rain fell over the past few days from Louisiana, across portions of Mississippi and Alabama, into Georgia and South Carolina. The area shaded in yellow received at least 2.5 inches of rainfall. The area in red received the most, with rainfall over 6 inches–higher than initially forecast.


In fact, rainfall neared or perhaps exceeded 10 inches in two areas: from Hattesburg, Mississippi to Greenville, Alabama with another area near Dothan, Alabama. Flood potential is highest in these areas. Minor main-stream flooding will be fairly widespread over southern sections of Mississippi and Alabama, as well as Northwest Florida. Isolated moderate flooding will occur in areas closest to the core of heaviest rainfall.  


More rain is on the way today, so keep up-to-date on the any updates to river forecasts.


Drought Buster?

This rain event will provide significant improvement to the drought situation in Georgia. The hardest-hit core of drought in central and South Georgia should receive from 2- to 5-inches of rainfall, which will help reduce drought impacts significantly.


Finally, 1- to 3-inches of snow is on the way for the Northeast U.S..