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Water Resources Services

A subscription to Blue Water Outlook provides a steady stream of information relating to water resources, from drought to flood, and from the next day to neat year.

Would it be helpful to know how much rain to expect today? How about tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year? What will the impact be? Drought or Flood?

While there are many sources for weather information, Blue Water Outlook specializes in providing a variety of information, insight, and operational intelligence targeted towards making informed decisions for water management.

When will the drought finally end? Will rain from the hurricane flood my business? How can I best manage reservoir operations? How can I efficiently schedule agriculture practices?


Blue Water Outlook filters through hundreds of analyses and models to provide a steady stream of information that helps water professionals, and anyone interested in water resources, make informed decisions for water management.

  • Hydro-Power Managers
  • Municipal Water Operators
  • Storm Water Managers
  • Agricultural Concerns
  • Lawn Care Professionals
  • Recreational Interests
  • Natural Resources Managers
  • Weather and Water Communication Professionals
  • Emergency Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Disaster Response
  • Futures Traders

Here is the information you will receive…

  • Pre-Event Analysis – Understand how much rain to expect – days in advance
  • Real-Time Event Coverage – Extensive coverage throughout the event
  • Post-Event Summary – Know how much rain fell
  • Tropical Season 2012 coverage
  • Impact Coverage – Extensive real-time coverage of hurricanes, floods, and drought
  • Climate Updates – Long-range outlook for water resources
  • Monthly Summary – A summary of the past month
  • Outlooks – Weekly, monthly, and seasonal outlooks for water resources
  • BWO Threats Assessment

The Blue Water Advisor, Weekly Water Outlook, HydroGraphic, and Tropical Season 2012 Updates are all included in your subscription to the Blue Water Outlook Stream.

So, why are you waiting? Go ahead – Jump into the Blue Water Outlook Stream!

 Following are a sample of services provided by Blue Water Outlook

Blue Water Advisor

Timely Water Resources Insight and Intelligence – From Drought to Flood.

The Blue Water Advisor provides comprehensive information on current and anticipated hydrometeorological conditions and is focused on water resources. The Blue Water Advisor contains information on short- to long-range water outlooks, an analysis of precipitation systems, and monthly summaries and outlooks.

Weekly Water Outlook

Water Resources Information To Help Plan Your Week.

The Weekly Water Outlook (WWO) is a multi-media presentation lasting 10 to 15 minutes. The WWO provides a broad-based overview of anticipated weather patterns for the up-coming week, as well as insight into potential hydrometeorological impacts.


The Information You Need, When You Need It.

HydroGraphic is a graphical representation/infobgraphic of interesting data and information relating to water resources across the region.

Decision Support

Keeping You Informed During Times of Crisis


Blue Water Outlook provides a variety of decision support services. For information on how Blue Water Outlook can assist you during times of critical weather…click here.

Premium Services

Detailed Insight Focused On Your Area of Concern.

Blue Water Outlook can provide targeted coverage of water resources for your specific area of concern — from state-scale to basin-scale — for a reasonable cost. The design of these services, and cost, is based on your specific requirements. Premium services can support your organization through area-specific blogs, studies, reports, and webinars. For more information on premium services based on your requirements, contact Blue Water Outlook at:



Important Disclaimer

For information on any of these services,  or to obtain a quote for specific services, click here, or send an email to info@bluewateroutlook.