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Blue Water Outlook is the source for weather information for those who need it most–those who depend on top-level expert insight and operational intelligence regarding short- to long-range weather, water, and climate trends. 



A subscription to Blue Water Outlook will keep you fully informed on critical rainfall and water resources trends throughout the year



The following information is included in your annual subscription.

  •  Blue Water Outlook Insight & Analysis Reports – Analysis of key weather-water-climate trends that are shaping water resources)
  • Summaries of the past month and an outlook for the upcoming month
  • A weekly water outlook for rainfall and changes to water resources – Understand how much rain to expect – days in advance
  • Pre- and post-event analysis of rainfall events – Know how much rain fell
  • Sector targeted intelligence reports
  • High Impact Events – Special coverage of hurricanes, drought, and floods.
  • Coverage of landfalling hurricanes.

An annual subscription to Blue Water Outlook is only $250 per year.

Not sure yet? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial subscription.


For a free 30-day trial subscription, click here.

Would it be helpful to know how much rain to expect today? How about tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year? What will the impact be? Drought or Flood?

While there are many sources for weather information, Blue Water Outlook specializes in providing a variety of information, insight, and operational intelligence targeted towards making informed decisions for water management.

When will the drought finally end? Will rain from the hurricane flood my business? How can I best manage reservoir operations? How can I efficiently schedule agriculture practices?




Blue Water Outlook filters through hundreds of analyses and models to provide a steady stream of information that helps water professionals, and anyone interested in water resources, make informed decisions for water management.

  • Farm and Ranch Operations
  • Hydro-Power Managers
  • Muncipal Water Operators
  • Storm Water Managers
  • Agricultural Concerns
  • Lawn Care Professionals
  • Recreational Interests
  • Natural Resources Managers
  • Weather and Water Communication Professionals
  • Emergency Management Officials
  • Disaster Responders

A steady stream of information that keeps you informed for an entire year.

For questions regarding a subscription to Blue Water Outlook, contact: