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Timely and Comprehensive Information for River Navigation Interests


About the River Basin Outlook:

You need the new River Basin Outlook (RBO) if you are involved in any aspect of commodity merchandising, transport, processing, import/export or other commodity related activities!

Blue Water Outlook, in partnership with Informa Economics, urges you to take advantage of the information in our new web-based service, the River Basin Outlook  (RBO). The website provides comprehensive information for river navigation interests along the Upper Mississippi, Lower Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers and their tributaries.

The River Basin Outlook gives you an information advantage over the rest of the transportation sector. You and your business will benefit from:

  • Make better business decisions with a greater understanding of the primary weather and water features that are impacting river flow, now and in the future.

  • Make critical near-term decisions because of information provided in sector-specific custom-made video presentations.

  • Base much-needed contingency plans on state of the art scientifically derived long-range probabilities of low or high flows.

  • Guidance into river flow outlooks using long-term climate information that gives subscribers insight into the most effective operational scheduling practices.

  • Valuable information during extreme conditions to assist in decision support and emergency operation activities.

  • Unparalleled, expert-level coverage of the spring snowmelt to assist you with planning and response.

  • Periodic special reports from Informa Economics’ expert transportation consultancy team and from affiliate partner Blue Water Outlook


For more information on the Blue Water Outlook/Informa Economics River Basin Outlook:

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