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What Others Say!

Water Managers

Southern Company

Great Update. The rainfall unfolded as you predicted and of all information was timely.

Southern Company
I read everything you send. I find your explanations of day-to-day and seasonal rainfall and stream flow beneficial. These areas and time-frames are important to me. There are numerous benefits to society from proper water resource management. Making the best decisions means understanding current conditions and anticipating how future conditions might change. When I pass along these explanations to my peers, I find your level of technical detail is perfect. You provide enough of the science in your reports that my understanding is enhanced. The graphics are also very helpful.
Alabama Power
I am one of the operators on the Hydro Desk for Alabama Power. I just wanted you to know that we use your forecasts constantly when heavy rain or storms are predicted. We also use them in some of our everyday operations. Keep up the good work.
Southern Company Services

Good explanation about current and medium –term weather conditions.

I’m putting together a hydro-generation forecast update and your information will be helpful.


John, Your newsletter has provided us with outstanding information. Thanks.


Great analysis on the tropical season. It was very useful for our operational planning”


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Thanks for the information. I really appreciate you helping us understand the weather patterns better. It definitely helps us with managing our reservoirs.”


Government Hydro Power Manager

Good explanation of the upcoming rainfall event in the Southeast. Keep them coming. We have already “pre-scheduled” generation next week at all projects in light of the forecast.


Private Hydro Power Manager

Very good stuff here. I plan to use some of it in my management presentation on Thursday.


Thanks for the information. I really appreciate you trying to make us understand the weather patterns better. It definitely helps us with managing our reservoirs in the Southeast.

Farmers and Ranchers

Arkansas Farmer

Thanks for this heads up on an important forecast.


Texas Farmer
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletters and outlooks.


Texas Rancher
Your information has really impressed me. I am always telling somebody how helpful your forecasts are to me.


Texas Farmer

I would be lost without your input on the most critical part of ranching, rain.


Oklahoma Farmer

This is a marvelously well-done presentation! Nice work!


Thanks so much for the update.  Your insight is encouraging.  After 3 years of drought we are desperate for news of rain.  Your newsletter and weekly updates are invaluable tools for those of us in Agriculture.  I look forward to them each and every week.


Will keep reading your excellent reports to try to get a heads up as to when above normal rains will return.  Thanks for all your hard work.


Texas Rancher

I could not be more satisfied with my subscription.


Texas Rancher

Uncanny how accurate your information is compared to the NWS


Texas Farmer

You hit the nail on the head with the forecast of rain three weeks ago


Texas Rancher

Thank you for all the information you provide. I look forward to each update. Your information provides us insight about the weather and we’ve been able to make adjustments to our day to day operations based on that information


Texas Rancher

I plan to be a BWO subscriber for life


Texas Rancher

Thanks for all the valuable information you send out each week



Charlotte TV Meteorologist
I like the updates because of the hydrologic slant they have. That is information that isn’t always readily available to us, and the email delivery system you have makes it very convenient too. Obviously many of your discussions encompass the bigger picture such as current synoptic patterns or even longer range climate oscillations. Those are helpful as well. You’ve certainly helped us.
The Nature Conservancy
Hello, I am a regular reader of your emails and enjoy them very much. It is informative and quite accurate in predictions. I use it mostly for planning prescribed fire management and other land management actions.
American Red Cross
I have yet to find one topic that has not interested me.
Franklin County Georgia
I’m a real fan. I am a gardener but perhaps more importantly, a river outfitter with no ‘dam’ upstream on the Broad River [ NE GA]. While I enjoy the free flowing nature of the river, during droughts or floods, my business suffers. Predicting the coming year is important but, as you know, difficult. For long term fluctuations I depend on your insight and predictions.

GREAT stuff! Thanks again for your great service.  YOu’ve been pretty ‘dead on’ this year with your long and shorter range forecasts.


Your perspective notes have been very helpful.