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Past Precipitation

Past 24-Hour Precipitation



Click here for past short-term rainfall information.

  • Hourly data
  • Best for observed amounts only
  • Ability to zoom
  • Data available through 120 hours – 5 days
  • No comparison data

Rain Gage Data

Click here to see 24-hour rain gauge data

Rainfall Event Frequency

Click here to compare a rainfall total with a recurrence interval (100-year event)

Wet / Dry Days

click here to see the past number of past wet or dry days.


Click here for long-term past rainfall information.

  • Daily data
  • Best for observed and comparison data
  • Data available through the past year
  • Comparison data – Normal, Percent of Normal, Departure from Normal

Accumulation Precipitation Plots

Plots of accumulated precipitation over defined periods of time for selected locations.

Regional Climate Centers


PRISM Climate Data

Click here for PRISM past rainfall and temperature data