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Sample of NCGA-FMC Agriculture Weather Advisor Information

The following information is included in your subscription to the NCGA-FMC Agriculture Weather Advisor–over 100 Reports!


Agriculture Weather Outlook


jfeldt_AWOThe Agriculture Weather Outlook is issued each week, typically Sunday night. This 10-minute video recording provides specific information on  temperature and precipitation impacts in relation to agriculture over the upcoming week or two.

Click here to view a typical AWO.







BWO Agriculture Advisor


Updates will be transmitted each week that will keep you up-to-date on changing trends and provide information regarding weather, water, and climate in respect to water resources.

Here are examples of typical BWO Ag Advisor weekly updates

Sample BWO Agriculture Advisor


Special Reports / BWO Analytics



Special reports are issued from time to time covering topics of interest in more detail.  Here is an example of a special report.

Winter Long Range Outlook







High Impact Event Coverage

Blue Water Outlook provides coverage of all major widespread flood and drought events, including inland-moving hurricanes and spring snowmelt flooding.