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When Every Drop Counts


Weather plays a critical role in decision-making for farmers and ranchers, especially during times of prolonged and intense drought. Blue Water Outlook can provide farmers and ranchers timely and accurate weather information, especially longer-range outlooks that will help you better manage your farm and ranch operations, and save you time and money.

Blue Water Outlook is a service that will keep you fully informed on critical rainfall trends throughout the entire year for an extremely reasonable cost.

Would it be helpful to have an idea of how much rain you might expect next week, next month, or next year? What will the impact be? When will the drought finally end? jfeldt_tscrabanner-DS


While there are many sources for weather information, Blue Water Outlook specializes in providing a variety of information, insight, and operational intelligence targeted towards rainfall prediction. Blue Water Outlook filters through hundreds of analyses and models to provide a steady stream of information that helps farmers and ranchers make informed weather-related decisions.

Blue Water Outlook provides information for farmers and ranchers- including a weekly planning video, mid-week updates, long range outlooks, and a monthly newsletter — 100 reports in all!




“Your information has really impressed me. I am always telling somebody how helpful your forecasts are to me.”

“I could not be more satisfied with my subscription. “Uncanny how accurate your information is compared to the NWS.”

“You hit the nail on the head with that forecast of rain three weeks ago.”

“Exceedingly well worth the cost.”

“Thank you for all the information you provide. I look forward to each update. Your information provides us insight about the weather and we’ve been able to make adjustments to our day to day operations based on that information.”

“I plan to be a BWO subscriber for life.”




Your annual subscription to BWO includes nearly 100 reports! BWO provides information that is not easily found elsewhere, and information you will not normally see on television.

An annual subscription is only $250. Your subscription includes providing information for all your ranch operating locations within Texas.

You will receive information each and every week. Here is what is included:

  • Monthly – Blue Water Outlook Newsletter (an expert assessment of the weather and climate trends).
  • Monthly – Summary of the past month and an outlook for the upcoming month.
  • Monthly – A personalized summary of rainfall prepared for your ranch.
  • Weekly – A weekly video briefing on rainfall and changes to water resources.
  • Weekly – Sector-specific information for Texas Ranchers.
  • High Impact Events – Special coverage of hurricanes, drought, and floods.

You can sign up for a subscription, or a 30-day trial subscription, at

If you have any questions, you can contact BWO at: